Get RESULTS with trainers who live what they teach.


At Shawn Casey Results Fitness, our training approach is both considered and considerate and our overall intention is pretty straightforward: You take care of your body. We take care of you.

We pride ourselves on the caliber of our trainers and nutrition coaches and the personalization of our service.

Our trainers are passionate, professional and wholly dedicated to living healthfully. Whatever your fitness objectives, we offer tools, strategies, guidance and inspiration to get you there.

Personal Trainers


Shawn Casey personal training.Shawn Casey
Over 25 years, Shawn Casey has built his reputation as one of the nation’s most successful personal trainers on the core belief that people are inspired to transform their lives as they transform their bodies. As a gym owner, fitness expert, health educator, and life coach, Shawn’s unique integrated approach won him raves from a devoted client base in LA and Maui before he relocated to Bellevue, WA in 2005.

Today, Shawn blends his own experience as an nationally-recognized athlete—and years of working with clients of every fitness level—with a warm, interpersonal style that guides every trainer/client relationship at Shawn Casey Results fitness. Sure, clients appreciate the personal attention in our gorgeous state-of-the-art facility, but what keeps them coming back is the noticeable results they get, and the fun they have along the way.


Heather, Bellevue personal training.Heather Starbuck
Heather began her love of movement, health, and wellness as a professional dance instructor in Southern California. She graduated with a degree in animal physiology and neuroscience from UCSD then relocated to Seattle with her husband Bryan. In 1997 she became a certified Jazzercise and ACE group fitness instructor. Now a certified trainer, Heather assesses the whole person, taking into account body strengths and imbalances, nutrition, and lifestyle in customizing a fitness plan that will work.


Brandy personal trainerBrandy Seal
Whatever your fitness goal—be it a bodybuilding or fitness competition, marathon, or sculpting your dream physique, Brandy will get you there. A national-level figure competitor, Brandy understands the importance of balanced nutrition, dedication to training, and proper supplementation. In eight years as a nutrition coach and certified trainer, Brandy has coached her clients on everything from customized nutrition planning to the fundamentals of healthier fitness habits.


Personal trainer JustinJustin Valente
Justin studied Exercise Science and Wellness at Bastyr University. He’s coached athletes of all ages and abilities, helping them get stronger and more proficient while building their confidence at the same time. With a special interest in working with with all types of injuries and otherwise physically challenged folks, Justin starts slowly to assess his clients’ needs and goals, and then adds a healthy dose of humor. When he’s not in the studio, Justin loves to be outside riding, skiing, hiking or chasing his wife around the mountains.


trainer sharonSharon Marie Dahl is a natural figure athlete and has a lifelong love of dance including ballet, jazz and performance. This gives her a special appreciation for human movement and for helping clients improve their movement patterns. She is passionate about teaching anyone the benefits of resistance training. Sharon has helped many weight loss clients achieve their goals of losing body fat, increasing lean body mass and improving overall health, adding years to their lives.


Kristine has worked with a broad spectrum of the population, and has been helping clients ranging from ages 8-92 surpass their fitness, performance and health goals since 2004.  She enjoys seeing the transformation unfold as clients discover that they truly can accomplish things they had not believed possible: improving strength, power, endurance, flexibility, balance, posture, range of motion, weight loss, and better overall health. Kristine is certified as an NSCA-CSCS and NASM CPT. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry.


Kelly Fennelly brings 16 plus years of experience to our Results Fitness team. With her diverse back ground as a certified Personal Trainer, Corporate Wellness Advisor and Running Coach she also instructs group classes in TRX, Cycling, Boot camp and Yoga. Kelly loves to share her passion for fitness and health with clients, family and within her community. Outside of the studio Kelly can be found teaching a corporate on-site yoga class and organizing her annual Little Black Dress Party Nonprofit charity she founded in 2011. With Kelly’s recipe of empathy, compassion, support and motivation she has helped many people make lasting improvements in their health, vitality and reaching their fitness goals. Kelly Fennelly, CPT-NASM, AFAA-CPT, AFAA-GX, RRCA, TRX, Schwinn Cycling, Yogafit


Allen’s passion for bodybuilding began when he was 17.  He’s been a NASM certified trainer for 11 years.

The overall winner of the Emerald Cup 2013, Allen enjoys training others to sculpt and build their bodies, and guide them through competition.  He excels in creating training programs for many different sports and activities, and incorporates lifestyle and wellness coaching in his training sessions.

Allen loves what he does, and his caring and dedication are truly felt by his clients.


Margaret Roberts was a professional dancer originally from Seattle and has performed around the U.S.  She started training in the fitness industry in 2002 as a personal trainer for weight loss clients.  Her background includes her B.A. in dance from the University of Washington, Gyrotonic, pilates, yoga, ballet, barre, jazz and modern dance training education. She is continually learning and taking courses in the fitness industry constantly and is very excited to be apart of the Designs in Fitness team.


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